Hero Pups Inc is a 501-c-3 nonprofit charity based in 
           New Hampshire and run by volunteers


Placing dogs and pups with veterans and first responders


We have years of experience placing dogs with their special families, but have recently become "official" in the hopes of helping more of our heroes. Our board of directors are volunteers who bring different skills to the program.  While based in the seacoast of New Hampshire, we often travel for training and new team prospects.  

We are all volunteers, but we do have expenses like vet bills, food, transports etc.  We raise money to minimize or reduce the cost of the pups for our veterans and first responders.   Please see "how to help" tab for more info. 



We tend to use larger breed dogs and mixes, but occasionally have purebreds too.  Temperament and health are the top priority!  


While our pups are raised with plenty of space and all of their needs are met, we do not have a fancy facility or staff to support because we believe any money should go to connecting the veteran or first responder with the pups they need.  


We will have some groups that will not be happy with us - they will be the ones making a LOT of money off the dogs by charging rates like $25,000 (and often more) PER DOG.  If you have a question about how we work, please reach out to us before making assumptions.  We are not therapists or doctors and a pup will not be "cure-all", but if it can help reduce the PTSD symptoms, we feel we owe it to our heroes to try. 

"look how good my sit is!"

Your contribution goes towards helping a hero find their pup.